Light as Art -- Lighting Design and Application Aboard Horizon Yachts – Part One

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Onboard lighting sets a mood, entertains the viewer and enhances a space. No longer limited by functionality alone, lighting aboard yachts enhances the artistic design of a space – and can even become the art itself. Lighting design today plays an integral role in yacht design, as it can not only transform atmospheres and enlarge the feeling of space, but the lighting elements themselves contribute to the overall aesthetics. Lighting designers must marry functional needs with materials, styles and lighting effects to accentuate the décor and design style and bring life and emotion into each space. Here Horizon designers share a few of their lighting design tips to dramatically enhance your yacht.

Horizon designers share their lighting design tips below to dramatically enhance your yacht.

(1) Use the linear light source for exterior areas, not only to add the flexibility of design but also to activate the visual effect of space.

(2) Meanwhile, for calm, soothing atmosphere, install strip lighting grooves in the ceiling and deepen the depth of light groove to provide soft illumination.

(3) Take into consideration the countertop materials when selecting the lighting design for the galley. An indirect light source can be used to match with simple granite and its diffused lighting can give ambient illumination in the work areas. If complementing with point source lighting, the focal lighting can accentuate the natural and detailed texture of stone.

(4) Implement linear lighting on stair treads. This not only serves a practical function for safety, but also lends an extension effect to the stairway. A high gloss lacquered stairwell wall provides a spectacular reflection adding to the overall visual effect.

Stay tuned in for part two of our Light as Art web news, coming soon! For more information or questions, please email us at marketingcenter@horizonyacht.com or contact your local Horizon dealer.